An express train coming from Munich collided with a passenger train in the Czech Republic.

Two people were killed in the accident, the CTK agency reported on Wednesday, citing the rescue workers.

38 people were injured, seven of them were in critical condition.

Dozens of rescue workers and four helicopters were on site to care for the injured and bring them to hospitals.

Help also came from Germany.

One of the trains belongs to the private German provider Länderbahn (alex).

As the company announced, he was on the route between Munich and Prague on Wednesday morning.

The Länderbahn sent several German and Czech emergency managers to the accident site.

The company did not initially provide any further information about the accident.

The Länderbahn has set up a hotline for relatives.

She can be reached under the number 0341 9135 4040.

"The situation is serious, I am on my way to the scene of the accident," said Czech Transport Minister Karel Havlicek.

According to initial findings, the Munich-Prague express train passed a stop signal at Domazlice (Taus) near the German border.

He then collided with the local train, a so-called RegioShark.

The latter runs on the Pilsen-Domazlice route.

Accidents happen again and again on Czech railways.

The security technology is considered out of date in many places.

The government has launched a modernization program.

Only a year ago two trains collided head-on in the Ore Mountains near the German border.

Two people died, including a German.