Eleven years ago, a boy in his second year of high school was stabbed and killed on the streets of Kobe City with a knife, and a 17-year-old ex-boy was arrested on the 4th on suspicion of murder. It was found in an interview with the investigators that it seems to have been done.

The police are going to find out the details of the case.

Eleven years ago, in October 2010, police stabbed a second-year high school student Shota Tsutsumi (16 at the time) who lived nearby on the street in Kita-ku, Kobe with a knife and killed him. I arrested a 28-year-old ex-boy who is a part-time employee currently living in Aichi prefecture on suspicion of murder.

According to the investigation so far, Mr. Tsutsumi was arrested when he was talking to a girl student in the third grade of junior high school at that time and was suddenly stabbed by a knife and killed. It seems that the former boy and Mr. Tsutsumi had no acquaintance.

Also, according to the police, the ex-boy responded obediently when asked to accompany him voluntarily at his home in Aichi Prefecture on the 4th.

The police are going to find out the details of the case.

The approval or disapproval of the ex-boy has not been disclosed.