It was announced that it was confirmed that 840 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Chiba prefecture.

As for the announcement on the 1st, it reached the 800 level for the first time, surpassing the record high of 48 people on the 31st of last month, and set a new record high.

In addition, the number of people has increased by 263 from Wednesday a week ago, and has exceeded the same day of the previous week for 28 consecutive days.

This brings the total number of people confirmed to be infected to 52,337.

Severely ill bed usage rate

As of the 3rd, the number of seriously ill people in Chiba prefecture is 41, and the usage rate for 101 dedicated beds for severely ill people secured in the prefecture is 40.6%.

In addition, there are 282 moderately ill patients who require oxygen administration.