There are people who sing to the Olympic Village to send ale to the athletes of the Tokyo Olympics with music.

Tatsuro Okiuchi and TAM are singing.

The two have been playing at live houses and participating in the performances of famous musicians for over 30 years, but due to the influence of the new corona, their musical activities have become almost impossible.

In addition, Mr. Okiuchi has lost the job of a nursing assistant who has been working for 25 years, and Mr. TAM has been forced to close the restaurant where he works.

Even under such circumstances, we are sending ale to the athletes by singing and playing famous songs from Japan and abroad, including the theme song of the movie, from the park overlooking the Olympic Village to support the athletes who have made efforts toward the Olympic Games.

Mr. Okiuchi said, "I can understand the feelings of the players who are doing their best because they have done their best in music and work."

In addition, Mr. TAM said, "The players who have worked hard are sorry for not being able to go out even one step, so I want to convey my feelings as much as possible."