In the midst of intense heat, the ice-making process in Taishi Town, Hyogo Prefecture, has reached its peak in the ice-making work that is indispensable for cold summer drinks.

At the "Honda Refrigeration" factory in Taishi-cho, the shipment of cracked ice is at its peak, and employees are busy with processing work every day.

Natural water pumped from a well is frozen over a day to make an icicle with a height of 1 meter, which is crushed by a special machine.

Most of the ice is for iced coffee sold at convenience stores, and it is also used for shaved ice in the summer.

This factory produces about 50 tons of iced coffee a day for 300,000 cups, but according to the company, the number of people buying iced coffee at the store is decreasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus. In addition, last year's sales for the past year decreased by nearly 10% compared to the average.

President Akira Honda said, "Because the sales of the factory are affected by the increase in telecommuting in Corona, I hope Corona will converge soon. The hot days will continue, but the ice that is made by operating 24 hours a day. I want you to cool it down and survive the summer. "