, August 3-Today, the dance survival competition reality show "Dance Student" officially announced Tong Liya as the first instructor of the show.

Show poster

  "Dance Student" is an S+ level dance survival competition reality show produced by the YOH team of iQiyi.

Liya Tong, who loves to perform, is actually a professional dancer, and has presented many classic stages such as "National Colors and Heavenly Fragrance" and "Flying Heaven in Dunhuang".

This time she joined the "Dance Student" as a tutor, and will provide professional guidance to the dancers.

  It is reported that after "Dance Students" convened dance professional college students and dance troupe dancer groups to become contestants through the audition method, the contestants were required to conduct a 100-day training and stage competition.

  The omni-directional recording of the reality show not only allows dancers to fully demonstrate their individual propositions and true selves, but also allows the public to see the dancers’ training routine and feel the sweat and persistence behind the dancer’s “ten years of work”.

  It is worth mentioning that in "Dancing Students", various dance types, such as classical dance, ballet, street dance, etc., will be presented, giving dancers equal opportunities for communication and dialogue, and welcoming them on "body, stage, form, and appearance". Come complete transformation, and it will also bring a completely new experience to the audience.