China News Service, August 3, According to the official WeChat news of the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai held a press conference on the prevention and control of the city’s epidemic on the morning of the 3rd. At the meeting, it was announced that there was a new confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia in Shanghai. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, the Shanghai Municipal Office of Prevention and Control has decided to list the Xinyuan Xiyuan Community, No. 1500, Huaxia 2nd Road, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area as a medium-risk area, and other areas in Shanghai are low-risk areas.

  On August 2, Pudong New Area Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reported a positive case of a new coronavirus nucleic acid test as required.

120 After receiving the report, the negative pressure ambulance was used to transfer the positive testers to the isolation ward of Pudong New Area People's Hospital.

After review by the Shanghai Municipal and District Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nucleic acid test result was positive.

Combined with clinical and imaging findings and laboratory nucleic acid test results, a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia was diagnosed through expert group consultation and transferred to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for isolation and treatment.

  Shanghai’s emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control was immediately activated, and relevant municipal and district departments carried out work in a timely manner to form a team of joint circulation experts to conduct comprehensive epidemiological investigations, investigation and tracking of relevant personnel, sampling and testing, and isolation control, and implement relevant places and environments Anti-epidemic measures such as terminal disinfection.

The relevant situation is now notified as follows:

  The case is a foreign airline cargo service staff in the cargo area of ​​Pudong Airport. He is a 53-year-old male. His profession is a driver and is responsible for the closed-loop transport of the foreign airline's cargo aircraft crew to Pudong Airport.

The place of residence in Shanghai is Xinyuan Xiyuan Community, Huaxia 2nd Road, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area.

The case had undergone routine nucleic acid tests on July 21 and July 28, and both results were negative.

Epidemiological investigations showed that the case did not leave Shanghai within 14 days. In addition to his workplace and residence, he visited Yonghe King (Miaojing Road Store), Gongnong Restaurant (Qiaojia Lane 8-10) and other places.

At present, the above-mentioned places have been closed for management and terminal disinfection.

  After an overnight investigation, as of 9:00 on August 3, 52 close contacts of the case (including 6 family members) have been investigated, all in the city, all centralized isolation measures have been implemented, and the first nucleic acid test results were negative.

  250 people who have been closely connected in Shanghai have been investigated, and centralized isolation measures have been implemented. The first nucleic acid test results were all negative.

  As of 9 o'clock on August 3, 64,860 screening subjects that have been investigated have completed nucleic acid sampling, and 27,174 have completed nucleic acid testing. The result is negative, and the remaining samples are still being tested.

  Pudong New Area People's Hospital, Pudong New Area Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Chuansha Community Health Service Center (located in the Pudong New Area Chinese Medicine Hospital campus) suspended outpatient and emergency services on the afternoon of August 2 to accept nucleic acid testing for all staff.

As of 9:00 on August 3, the nucleic acid test results were all negative.

  At present, samples have been taken of cases, objects and environments in closely connected places, and a total of 413 samples have been collected, and the test results are all negative.

  In the next step, Pudong New Area will continue to do a good job in the epidemiological investigation of relevant personnel and nucleic acid testing, so as to ensure that all investigations and inspections are required to quickly stop the spread of the epidemic.

Pay close attention to key points and joints such as entrances to the city, footholds, mobility, employment posts, school gates, monitoring posts, etc., to be strict, tight and practical, and to do its best to normalize the epidemic prevention and control work to ensure the safety of people's lives and health .

  Shanghai continues to adhere to the overall prevention and control strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound", focusing on key points and joints such as "entrance, settlement, mobility, employment posts, school gates, monitoring posts" and other key points and joints to strengthen epidemic prevention and control Closed-loop management of the entire chain.

  The first is to strengthen the management of personnel who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai.

Those who return to Shanghai from high-risk areas will be quarantined for 14 days for health observation, and two new coronavirus nucleic acid tests will be carried out.

Those who return to Shanghai from medium-risk areas will be subject to 14-day strict community health management and two new coronavirus nucleic acid tests.

  The second is to strengthen personnel inspections at key locations.

Airports, stations, wharves and other transportation passenger terminals (stations), as well as village committees, units, schools, hotels and other places have strengthened the temperature measurement and health code inspection of people returning to Shanghai.

  The third is to strengthen the new crown vaccination.

Actively, steadily and orderly promote the new coronavirus vaccination work.

As of August 2, the number of people in the city who completed the entire vaccination process reached 18.7663 million, and the population over 18 years of age completed the entire new crown vaccination rate of 85%.

The city has accumulated 38.111 million doses of vaccination.

  The fourth is to strengthen personal protection.

Insist on implementing the "three-piece" and "five requirements", insist on wearing masks scientifically, maintaining social distancing, and paying attention to personal hygiene; remember to wear masks, keep social distance, cover coughs and sneezes, and wash hands frequently. The windows should be kept open as much as possible.

It is not necessary to leave Shanghai, and will not go to overseas and domestic medium-to-high-risk markets in the near future.

Citizens are requested to continue to monitor their own health. If symptoms such as fever or cough occur, please wear a medical mask to go to the fever clinic in time.