Anna Nooshin, Patricia Paay and Barrie Stevens had their knowledge about the Pride of Amsterdam tested in the

Pride Test


149,000 people saw the broadcast on NPO3.

The presentation of the test was in the hands of Ellie Lust,

Drag Race Holland

winner Envy Peru and Emma Wortelboer.

Wortelboer replaced Jurre Geluk at the last minute, who had to cancel due to a false positive corona test.

Romana Vrede, Loïza Lamers, Thorn Roos de Vries and Robbert Rodenburg also took part in the quiz of twenty questions. The number of viewers is not enough for a place in the day's top 25, reports Stichting Kijkonderzoek. This required at least 365,000 viewers.


Pride Test

had stiff competition at 8.15 p.m.: the

NOS Journaal of 8 p.m. was


on NPO1 at that time

(2 million viewers) and

De Slimste Mens

started a few minutes later on NPO2

(1.5 million viewers).


I know all of

RTL4 attracted significantly more viewers around the same time (829,000 viewers) as

B & B Vol Love

thereafter (779,000 viewers).

Family Gillis: Massa is Kassa

(451,000 viewers) was broadcast on

SBS6 around the same time


The day top 5 of Monday 2 August

  • 1. NOS News from 8 p.m. (NPO1) - 2.004.000 viewers

  • 2. The Smartest Man (NPO2) - 1,548,000 viewers

  • 3. Tokyo Today (NPO1) - 1,066,000 viewers

  • 4. NOS News from 6 p.m. (NPO1) - 1,030,000 viewers

  • 5. Studio Tokyo (NPO1) - 1,029,000 viewers