Even after rain or showers have passed, the momentum of the sweltering heat is continuing with only fewer moments of rain.

Today (the 4th) will be hotter than yesterday, but as the temperature in Seoul rises to 32 degrees and the sticky humidity increases, the sensible temperature will show 34 degrees.

In particular, the temperature will exceed 35 degrees in the Yeongnam region, where a heat wave warning is in effect.

Rain shower forecasts are also included in many areas in this sweltering heat.

Northern Gyeonggi and Yeongseo are likely to start in the morning, and other Yeongseo and inland areas south of Chungcheong are likely to start in the afternoon.

It is also good to be aware of various safety accidents.

If you look at the current radar image, a rain cloud belt is moving westward than expected in the West Sea, pouring rain only in the 5th degree area of ​​the West Sea, and mostly clear skies are exposed inland.

Only a light fog remains on the ground, and the fog is expected to clear more as the temperature rises, and there will be mostly clouds in the sky during the day.

Occasionally there will be showers and showers.

If you look at the current temperature, Seoul is 26.6 degrees Celsius and Daejeon is 25.8 degrees Celsius, and there are many places that have exceeded the tropical night standard of 25 degrees overnight.

Going forward, the highest daytime temperature will be 32 degrees in Seoul, 34 degrees in Daejeon, and 34 degrees in Gwangju.

There will be showers in places through Friday, and rain forecasts are in place for the weekend across the country.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)