China News Service, Hong Kong, August 1st. Title: Zhu Xiyi and Sun Zhuxiang: Root the connotation of Chinese excellent traditional culture in Hong Kong

  China News Agency reporter Suo Youwei

  "Waiting for a leisurely knowledge of the east wind, there is always spring." This poem by Zhu Xi, a great scholar in the Song Dynasty, is well-known to the Chinese.

  A reporter from China News Agency recently interviewed Zhu Xi’s 26th generation descendant, member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Chairman of the Hong Kong Zhuzi Cultural Exchange Association Zhu Xiangshi. He saw a calligraphy work on the wall in his office. The inscription is Mo Yan, a famous Chinese writer.

  Zhu Xi collected the great achievements of Confucianism since Confucius and Mencius and founded Zhuzi Confucianism. His "Four Books Collected Notes" is a standard classic for scholars in the late Song and Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Zhu Xiang believes that Zhu Zi’s contribution to Chinese culture is very important in educating people. How to be a person of character and responsibility to the society, "As a descendant of Zhu Zi, I also have a responsibility, and I should have the responsibility of cultural inheritance. ".

  Fujian is the birthplace, growing place and end of life of Zhu Zi, leaving many precious cultural relics of Zhu Zi. The four academies he founded, as well as more than 10 academies where he has lectured and taught, are all located in Fujian.

Since 2008, Zhu Xiang and some social organizations have organized exchanges with students from Fujian and Taiwan to explore ways to use Zhuzi culture to drive students to recognize the country and recognize the nation. At first, several universities in Taiwan were mainly studying for masters in Chinese history. PhD students participate.

  "When I was doing this, many people said that because it was your ancestors, you would promote it. As a descendant of Zhuzi, I feel that it is my honour to use the rich carrier of Fujian Zhuzi's cultural heritage to build a bridge for cultural exchanges. "Zhu Xiang said, but let him stand on a higher platform to promote the opportunity for the spread of Zhu Zi’s culture, starting from his appointment as a member of the Fujian Provincial CPPCC in 2013, "to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture is my role as a member of the CPPCC. Mission, CPPCC members have many communication channels and wide-ranging exchanges. The speeches and suggestions in the CPPCC can be recognized by all aspects. In recent years, I have proposed Zhuzi Culture as a Fujian cultural brand, and gradually build it into a cultural exchange brand." .

  In 2018, the Hong Kong Zhuzi Cultural Exchange Association was established. This year is also the 888th anniversary of Zhuzi’s birth. The association hires teachers from Hong Kong universities as consultants, and students who participate in activities every year can become members of the association.

  Also in 2018, the Fujian Provincial CPPCC Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese and Foreign Affairs Committee, the Hong Kong Provincial Committee of the CPPCC Committee, the Hong Kong Zhuzi Cultural Exchange Association and other relevant groups jointly organized the first Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan University Students' Road to Zhuzi Study Camp ( Hereinafter referred to as "Study Camp"), the experiential learning activities allow young students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to see and experience their own activities, and to study the excellent traditional Chinese culture in the pursuit of Zhu Zi's footprints.

  Dr. Qian Hua from the Department of Chinese and History of the City University of Hong Kong participated in the seminar as the first and second seminar team leaders and students.

"Hong Kong is an international metropolis. The long-term colonial education lacks the sense of history and existence as Chinese people. In particular, most young people do not care about or understand traditional culture. We participated in the Zhuzi Festival at Youxi Nanxi Academy. Worship ceremony and recite Zhu Zi’s family instructions. The ceremony is short and solemn. Students will bring Zhu Zi culture into their family life in the future, and then connect to the city where they live.” Qian Hua said: “The inheritance of culture is education. A successful combination with the two aspects of life. The workshop connects the past and the present through personal experience."

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the fourth workshop in 2021 can only be held in a combination of online and offline.

Zhu Xiang is pleased that 130 teachers and students from 12 universities in Hong Kong participated in this seminar, which is the largest number ever. "There are so many students and teachers actively participating, and the Hong Kong Confucius Institute at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University also participated as the organizer. It explains the recognition and support of Hong Kong universities for the seminar. We also hope that every year in the future, a Hong Kong university will be the host to co-host it."

  Zhu Xiang believes that most of the current cultural exchanges in Hong Kong are going out. Some young people will go to the mainland during the summer vacation. This is not enough.

He said: "Cultural exchanges are not only about going out, but also about inviting in. In the future, the connotation and carrier of Chinese excellent traditional culture should be rooted in Hong Kong, including the establishment of several well-known colleges in the Mainland, so that Hong Kong citizens can better Exposure to excellent traditional culture, especially for young people to understand that reading is to make more contributions to society and become useful talents to society.” (End)