In Saitama Prefecture, it was announced on the 2nd that it was confirmed that 762 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.

Monday's announcement was the highest ever, surpassing 449 last week.

The breakdown is 499 in Saitama Prefecture, 87 in Saitama City, 74 in Kawaguchi City, 53 in Koshigaya City, and 49 in Kawagoe City.

In addition, Saitama City announced that it would withdraw one person who announced the infection on the 1st, and the total number of people who announced the infection in Saitama Prefecture was 58,600.

Saitama Prefecture and Kawaguchi City have announced that a total of two people who have been infected with the new coronavirus have died, and now 851 people have been confirmed infected and died in Saitama Prefecture.