An American helicopter that crash landed on a farmland in Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture on the 27th of last month took off on the morning of the 2nd.

According to the Kyushu Defense Bureau, we plan to return to the Futenma base in Okinawa, to which we belong, via the base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force in Kagoshima Prefecture.

On the 27th of last month, the US military AH1 attack helicopter crash landed on a farmland in Kushima City because a warning light turned on on the way back from the Air Self-Defense Force Nittahara Base in Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture to the Futenma Base in Okinawa.

The helicopter took off before 9 am on the 2nd, swirled over and left the scene.

According to the Kyushu Defense Bureau, the helicopter will return to Futenma Air Station via the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kanoya Air Station in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The cause of the warning light is unknown, but a U.S. military mechanic replaced some parts on site and tested the rotor blades, which confirmed safety and took off.

Regarding this crash landing, Miyazaki Prefecture said that it was the first time to grasp the facts one hour after being contacted by the police, and is requesting the government to make improvements so that information can be provided promptly.