In Kanagawa Prefecture, it was announced on the 2nd that a total of 1686 people were infected with the new coronavirus, exceeding 1000 people for 6 consecutive days, the highest number ever.

The infection has spread more than three times since Monday a week ago.

In addition, Kanagawa Prefecture announced that one person announced on the 1st will be excluded from the number of infected people because it was found to be negative as a result of detailed examination.

On the other hand, a total of five men in their 70s in Zama City, women in their 90s, men in their 80s, women in their 80s, and men in their 60s who were admitted to a hospital in Chigasaki City where the cluster occurred. The death was announced.

According to NHK's summary, the number of infected people announced in Kanagawa Prefecture is now 86,291, of which 994 have died.