Singer IU hand giving a smile and leave honest (?) Watching the debut of brother and sister duo akmyu.

On the 31st of last month, Chanhyuk Lee uploaded a video of Akmu's stage on his Instagram.

This stage was a stage where Akmu sang the new song 'Falling', which was recently released on KBS2's 'Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook'. I did.

However, when it became the highlight of the song, not only Chan-hyeok Lee but Soo-hyun Lee began to show off their own 'swag' together.

The two put out one foot and sang facing each other, then changed direction slightly, looked ahead and stopped, giving an extraordinary performance.

In particular, as the two were wearing similar sunglasses, the unique atmosphere was doubled. Lee Chan-hyuk said, "Oh, it's fun" and perfectly enjoyed the stage.

Also IU participated with the 'fall' also leave a comment of "real cool, so Claudia Kim chakhada" I angyeot unexpected laughter.

Comments IU netizens that "it seems that over the Lee Soo Hyun hard time the brother" Swag "follow" and "chakhada is contained something many say", "I think I wrote to see no brother sunglasses", "but everybody enjoys It's nice to see you," and so on, leaving a variety of comments and laughter.

Lee Chan-hyuk, who had previously suffered from 'GD's disease controversy' for his free-spirited appearance on stage, said in an entertainment program, "If you want to lie down, lie down, and I think that's really cool." He also revealed that he had a bit of a conflict with his younger brother Lee Soo-hyun, who had a different stage style from him, but he was getting along well with each other.

(Photo: Lee Chan-hyuk akmyu IU, Instagram, Youtube 'Kpop KBS')

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