Two panda babies were born in central France.

Mama Huan Huan gave birth to the twins in the early morning hours of Monday, Beauval Zoo announced.

The little ones are lively and well fed.

Huan Huan take good care of them.

She took the young animals in her snout to clean and lick them.

The birth of the twins went by very quickly, it was said from the zoo.

You had an unusually intense moment, said the managing partner of the zoo, Delphine Delord.

The pink panda offspring weighed 129 and 149 grams shortly after birth.

In March, experts from the Berlin Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research rushed to the French zoo to help with the artificial insemination of the female panda.

Experts from Chengdu, China, had to stay at home because of the corona-related travel restrictions.

Huan Huan is already the mother of Yuan Meng, who was born around four years ago in the zoo in the Loire region and caused a sensation at the time. The animal's godmother is Brigitte Macron, wife of President Emmanuel Macron. Yuan Meng's parents came to France in 2012 - the animals were loaned from China for ten years.