Wentworth Miller has just revealed he has autism.

In a post published last Tuesday (July 28, 2021) on Instagram, the actor who played just a character with extraordinary intellectual abilities in Prison Break revealed that he had been diagnosed last year.

And if this revelation was a "shock" for the actor, he was not surprised for all that.

"It's not something I want to change," Wentworth Miller captioned a simple white square.


I immediately understood that being autistic is a central aspect of my identity.

It is also concerning everything that I have accomplished / articulated… I also want to say to the many people who have consciously or unconsciously given me this supplement of grace and space during the years and allowed me to move in the world in a way that makes sense to me and not to them… Thank you.


Overcome the clichés

Wentworth Miller also took the opportunity to criticize the process of diagnosing autism as it relates to adults, calling for an “update” of the system.

Finally, the actor we have seen more recently in the

Legends of Tomorrow series



 does not intend to set himself up as a spokesperson or an educator on the subject.

“If anyone who wants to learn more about autism and neurodiversity, I refer you to the many people who share thoughtful and inspiring content on Instagram, TikTok… Who analyze terminologies.

Add nuance.

Fight clichés.



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