A vaccinodrome and a pharmacy were set on fire during clashes between a hundred demonstrators and the police on Saturday evening in Fort-de-France (Martinique), the day after the establishment of a new curfew, we learned Sunday from a police source and the prefecture.

A hypermarket was also looted during these clashes, after which the police carried out three arrests.

Clashes erupted in the night in Fort-de-France, on the sidelines of a wild emptying to say no to the curfew.

Shops were looted and cars set on fire.

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A vaccinodrome was completely devastated by the flames

A gathering of a hundred people formed around 9 p.m. in the capital of Martinique, two hours after the entry into force of the curfew, decided this week by the prefecture of the Caribbean island.

The crowd then headed for downtown Fort-de-France to the sounds of drums in a carnival atmosphere.

The police tried to push back the demonstrators who took one of the main arteries of the city by using tear gas canisters.

Faced with the police intervention, pallets, tires and various objects were set on fire and braziers lit, while a vaccinodrome was completely ravaged by flames and a hypermarket was looted at the entrance to the city.

Five vehicles were also set on fire, the Martinique prefecture said in a statement, "strongly condemning this unacceptable violence".

A gendarmerie helicopter came to reinforce the police to disperse the crowd.

Martinique, in a state of health emergency since July 13

In the afternoon, some 500 people demonstrated against the health pass in Fort-de-France.

Martinique, in a state of health emergency since July 13, is experiencing a re-containment for a period of at least three weeks, while the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, this week evoked a "dramatic situation".

The island has one of the highest incidence rates in France, 1,040 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, against an average of 218 for the entire territory.

Only about 15% of the island's population is vaccinated.

The saturation of hospitals also forced the transfer of three patients with Covid-19 from Fort-de-France to Paris, overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

Fifty soldiers from the Army Health Service and the Army Medical Regiment must also be quickly deployed to the CHU of Fort-de-France.


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