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    , the French series were a hit in 2020-2021.

  • "The last decade has seen the evolution of the 'new French wave' on television," said the BBC.

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     back every day of the week on the great French successes that marked the year 2020-2021.

Gone are the days when American series monopolized the small screen.

"Just as the 'Nordic Black' captured the imagination of the whole world at the turn of this century, the last decade has seen the development of the 'new French wave' on television," said the BBC.

In France and around the world, French series have never been as successful as the year 2020-2021.

Cock-a-doodle Doo !


, Canal + 's first Original Creation, the "Last Chapter" of which was broadcast in France in the fall of 2020, was a pioneer in the renewal of French fiction, revolutionizing the detective genre.

Sold in nearly seventy countries, when it was created in 2005, it was one of the rare French series to be exported.

In the UK, it airs on BBC Four, which is also associated with the production of seasons 2, 4 and 6, under the title "Spiral".


is the first non-English drama series acquired by Netflix in 2012 and the first series to air in a French version with subtitles on the Los Gatos platform in the United States, according to



Since then, French fiction has come a long way and this example is no longer an exception.

French series, worldwide success

Proof of the recognition of the quality of French series, in 2019,

Le Bureau des Légendes

, another Canal + series, found itself in third place in a list of the 30 best foreign series of the 2010s published by the

New York Times

. And the consecration abroad of our tricolor series does not stop there.

"I said 'yes' to 'Ten percent' without having read the script," Sigourney Weaver told

20 Minutes

 during the last CanneSéries Festival.

The international press is full of praise for the France 2 series. “Adieu to a fabulous French concoction”, headlined Rebecca Nicholson of the prestigious British daily

The Guardian

, her column posting five out of five stars when Season 4 releases in fall 2020.

After a first Quebec adaptation in 2019,

Ten percent

, which gained international fame following its posting on Netflix, will even be entitled to a British remake, called

Call My Agent!

The success is also at the rendezvous for the agents of ASK in France, that while season 4 had been presented as the last, Dominique Besnehard announces at the same time "a unit in New York" and a "fifth season. ".

An icon is back

If the British have James Bond, the French now have Lupine, who has definitely placed France on the world map of television series. Unprecedented phenomenal success for a French fiction, number 1 in Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Vietnam, the Philippines and - a first - number 1 in the United States, part I was seen by 76 million homes worldwide, becoming one of Netflix's biggest hits. To the point that during confinement, "doing tricolor series marathons has recently been very chic on the British side of the Channel", analyzed the British weekly

The Telegraph


After the resounding flop of Franco-German co-production


, critics also appreciated


, Prime Video's first 100% French series. “Between teens and period series, Amazon finds the right


 ”, greets Charles Martin in



"Solar, very rock thanks to its soundtrack, remarkably interpreted,


is a real good surprise of this beginning of summer", congratulates Stéphanie Guérin of



Same story among Internet users.

“I'm not a French series at all, but




is really good!

», Wrote a tweet.

"Super cool the



on Amazon Prime, a good surprise", rejoices another.

French series, French success

In France, the success of French series is just as remarkable.

On television, out of the 100 best audiences of historical channels (TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal +, M6 and Arte) for fiction programs on television, 95 were signed by French works in 2020 (compared to 85 in 2019), including 82% series.

Among these successes, the 35 episodes of

In Therapy

have thus been able to count on 1.35 million viewers on average, or 6.3% of audience share, while the Franco-German channel is close to 3% of audience. usually.

The series also totaled more than 41 million views on Arte.tv, becoming the most viewed series in Arte history.

Latest example to date,


, carried by Audrey Fleurot, totaled 11.5 million viewers on average on TF1.

Unheard of since


in 2005!

Hexagonal fiction, boosted by the health crisis, hit the nail on the head in 2020-2021, the start of a new French-style soft power?

20 Minutes looks

back all week on the success of the French series of recent months with the interviews of six actresses and actors of these successes.


"HPI": "I especially do not want her to become yet another cop", says Audrey Fleurot


"Lupine": The success of the series finally places France on the world map

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