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Sky News Australia

has been blocked from YouTube for a week.

According to the website, the news channel has not followed the rules for spreading information about the corona virus, the




Sky News Australia

is banned from posting new videos to the website for a week. YouTube did not refer to specific items as the reason, but found that the

Sky News Australia


"could cause major damage". "We do not allow content that denies the existence of Covid-19. We do allow videos with context, but that was not the case in these videos," a spokesperson for the website explained.

According to

Sky News Australia

, it is incorrect that the channel denies the corona virus in the videos that have since been removed.

According to a spokesperson, such videos have "never been published".

"We support a broad debate on a wide range of topics and perspectives that are vital to democracy,"

Sky News Australia


Banning videos for a certain period of time is part of YouTube's "three strike policy," the last violation of which means permanent removal.

Sky News Australia

's YouTube channel has

over 1.8 million subscribers.