Five years ago, a facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City, where 19 people were killed, was rebuilt, and 40 of the users who were in the temporary facility after the incident returned and started living again.

The prefectural facility for people with intellectual disabilities "Tsukui Yamayurien" in Sagamihara City will rebuild most of the building after the incident five years ago, and most of the users will spend time at a temporary facility in Yokohama City. Was there.

It is said that 40 users who wished to return after all the renovation work was completed started their lives from the 1st.

The capacity of the new facility is less than half of the previous one, 66 people, all rooms are private rooms, and there are 6 living spaces called "units".

In addition to the living room and dining room, each unit has a kitchen and bath, and 20 people used to live together, but now each unit will live with 11 people.

Kanagawa Prefecture is constructing a facility of the same scale in Yokohama City, and the remaining 50 people in the temporary facility are scheduled to move by the end of the year.

Kiyomitsu Nagai, director of Tsukui Yamayurien, said, "I think it will be a compensation to never forget the 19 victims and improve their support, so I would like everyone in the community to keep an eye on me. We would like to build a relationship where we can see our faces more than ever by participating in each other's events. "