Among those who were hospitalized after being infected with the new coronavirus, a group of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine asked in detail about those whose infection route was unknown, and found that many of them had a high risk of infection, such as having multiple meals. I found out that I was taking.

A group of Dr. Shinichiro Morioka of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine said that the route of infection was unknown among patients aged 20 and over who were hospitalized with the new corona for about a month until the end of June22. We interviewed people about their behavior during the two weeks before the onset of the disease.

As a result, about two-thirds, 14 people, took actions with a high risk of infection, such as having dinner with multiple friends, birthday parties with a large number of people, and participating in live music indoors without masks. I found out.

In some cases, I was having a conversation at work after work without wearing a mask.

When asked about taking such actions, they said, "I didn't know that eating out was a risk of infection," or "I thought it was unnecessary to wear a mask at work." It is said that he did not have enough knowledge about the disease and that he was low in consciousness.

The research group says that the risk is further increased by the highly infectious Delta strain, and wants to take basic measures again.

Dr. Morioka, who summarized the results, said, "It has become clear that places that have been said to be dangerous are still at high risk. They act with incorrect knowledge and become infected, and some people become seriously ill. Knowing accurate information It is important to act with. "