While the craze for the podcast format does not abate with more than 2 million shows recorded in the English language, it can become difficult to find a name that is not already taken.

A sad reality that Kristen Bell has realized at her expense.

Indeed, the star of

The Good Place

was forced to rename his podcast

Shattered Glass

because the name was already taken by a show in operation for four years.

Suddenly, the actress opted for the name

We Are Supported By


Glass only breaks once

“We have a new name.

We have received a formal notice and we do not want to encroach on someone's flowerbeds, ”explained Kristen Bell in the last episode of her show.

We Are Supported By

is a ten-part show series in which Kristen Bell and host Monica Padman interview women who have made their mark in their fields and broken the glass ceiling.

They will invite women from diverse backgrounds, from entrepreneurship and entertainment to sports, politics and activism.

Not only was the name

Shattered Glass

(broken glass) already taken, but it was taken by an entirely similar program which since 2017 has been delivering female success stories.


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