(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) Henan has increased its prevention and control measures to respond to "post-disaster epidemic prevention + new crown epidemic prevention"

  China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 1st (Han Zhangyun, Kanli Li Chaoqing) With the increase in the number of people infected with the new crown virus, the central province of Henan is facing the dual pressure of post-disaster epidemic prevention after the heavy rain and the new crown epidemic prevention, and the province has continued to strengthen its normalization in the past few days. Various measures for epidemic prevention and control.

  On the afternoon of August 1, Henan Province held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Zhang Ruoshi, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, notified at the meeting that 12 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were newly confirmed in Henan Province from 0:00 to 24:00 on July 31. ; 20 new cases of local asymptomatic infections were added.

From 0:00 to 15:00 on August 1, 1 newly confirmed local case and 2 new local asymptomatic infections were added.

The picture shows the early morning of August 1, medical staff doing nucleic acid tests for Zhengzhou citizens all night.

(Data map) Photo by Dong Nanfeng

  In response to "post-disaster epidemic prevention + new crown epidemic prevention", Henan played a "combined punch."

According to Zhang Ruoshi, Henan has deployed 5,400 medical staff to support Zhengzhou's national nucleic acid testing. At the same time, according to the requirements of “concentrating patients, experts, resources, and treatment”, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections were sent to designated provincial hospitals for treatment. Rescue or quarantine for medical observation.

  Henan also requires pharmacies to suspend the sale of anti-fever drugs to ensure that fever patients are concentrated in medical institutions; village clinics and individual clinics are not allowed to receive fever patients, strictly implement the pre-examination and triage, and the first diagnosis responsibility system, and give full play to the "sentinel points" of fever clinics. .

Each county (city, district) is required to prepare no less than 300 centralized isolation rooms to ensure a single bathroom with a single room.

  At the same time, further strengthen the nucleic acid testing of service personnel and the environment in key places such as airports, medical institutions, farmer’s markets, railway stations, highway passenger stations, etc., and carry out nucleic acid testing every other day for personnel in high-risk positions. Nucleic acid testing twice a week, with an interval of more than 2 days.

  Henan also requires medium- and high-risk areas to suspend all gathering activities, low-risk areas to suspend the approval of gathering activities with more than 100 people, and formulating epidemic prevention and control plans for gatherings with less than 100 people.

  Zhang Ruoshi also said that Henan is making every effort to do a good job in post-disaster sanitation and epidemic prevention.

"Fifteen health and epidemic prevention teams have been sent to 15 hard-hit counties (cities, districts) to organize professional and technical personnel to fight on the front line, so as to follow up where the flood recedes and epidemic prevention and elimination."

  Localities have also made full use of television stations, newspaper networks, and rural speakers to carry out propaganda to enhance the people's epidemic prevention and disease prevention capabilities; organize science experts to enter the front line to carry out post-disaster epidemic prevention guidance and intervention, and provide psychological comfort and answer questions.

  Vaccination is an important means to contain the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Zhang Ruoshi said that Henan requires people in the disaster area and rescuers to give priority to vaccination.

  According to official statistics, as of July 31, a total of 100,390,482 doses of vaccinations had been vaccinated in Henan province.

Starting on August 1, Henan has simultaneously promoted the vaccination of young people.

It is planned to carry out the first dose of vaccination for 15-17 year olds in August, the first dose for 12-14 year olds in September, and complete the whole vaccination before the end of October.