He kidnapped his fiancée and imprisoned her in his house for 23 years.. Photos

  • The house in which the victim was being held - the photos were quoted by "Today's 24" newspaper.


An Argentine man kidnapped his fiancée for 23 years, as reported by "Today in 24".

The newspaper added that Maria Eugenia, now 45, was kidnapped in May 1996 by her fiancé, Oscar Alberto Raco, 50.

Oscar forced his fiancée to live with him in his home in Rosario for all these years, after she was kidnapped following a quarrel between them in the house where she lived with her mother and son.

The victim managed to escape in May 2019, as Austar ordered her to stand and sweep in front of the house, then went to the bathroom, which promptly prompted her to escape from the house after she found $8 in the house, and after moving away for tens of meters, she was able to take a taxi, and was able to Found a pay phone and called her aunt.

Eugenia filed a case against her ex-fiancé, accusing him of kidnapping and detention for 23 years.

The newspaper said that the trial of the accused, accused of kidnapping and detaining his 23-year-old girlfriend, is still in its first session after the end of the investigations that have continued since the escape of his detained fiancée.