On the morning of July 30, the Shanghai First Intermediate Court held a court sentence in the Shanghai First Intermediate Court. The defendant Yan Haojie was sentenced to death in the first instance and deprived of political rights for life.

  The mother of the victim Liu told The Paper that she always "cannot sleep for days and days" before the court session. Now, she can finally give her an explanation.

 One gambling, two broken

  Liu's father introduced that Liu was a primary school teacher in Shanghai. She was usually filial and well-behaved. She and Yan Haojie were introduced to each other by neighbors.

Seeing the young man's spiritual sunshine and living close to Liu's unit, Liu's parents felt that they could continue to chat.

  This is Liu's first love relationship.

Ms. Zou, a friend of Liu’s mother, said: “She usually listens to her mother, so it’s fine if she says it well.” On January 1, 2020, the two parties held a wedding.

  In the eyes of Liu's relatives and friends, the young couple had a good relationship, "never quarreled."

A few days before the incident, Liu bought a box of strawberries, and Yan Haojie washed the strawberries, called her a baby, and fed it to her personally.

  Ms. Zou said that this should have been a harmonious and perfect marriage. “Yan Haojie is too scumbag, and his parents have not cultivated it well.”

  No one would have imagined that within three months of their marriage, a murder and arson case involving gambling would directly destroy the two families.

  At about 8 o'clock in the morning on March 20, 2020, Yan Haojie entered his father-in-law's mother-in-law's home. At that time, Liu's parents had gone to work and she was the only one left in the family.

Yan Haojie stabbed Liu in the neck three times with a knife after being refused.

After seeing Liu's death, Yan Haojie set fire to destroy the body again.

The judicial organ identified that Liu was pierced with a sharp instrument in the neck, causing the left subclavian artery to rupture to the death of hemorrhage.

  According to Liu's father, on the day of the incident, the neighbors first noticed heavy smoke from his home. After calling the police, the fire truck arrived at the scene within half an hour.

I hurried back. At this time, only the corridor could walk, "The doors are burning."

He noticed that the anti-theft door in his home was open, but he and his wife would lock the door every day after work. The keys were only owned by him, his wife, his daughter Liu, and his son-in-law Yan Haojie.

  Liu's father put on a sheet that was dried outside, and asked his neighbor to sprinkle water to get wet. He wanted to rush into the house to look for his daughter, but was stopped by the firefighters.

The dog "Sugar Sugar", which his daughter had raised for many years before his death, also ran in to save the owner, but was killed in the fire.

After the fire was extinguished, the police surveyed the scene and found that it was man-made arson.

  "After finishing the transcript, the neighbors know that he (Haojie Yan) set the fire, but we are still in the dark." They did not expect that the obedient and filial daughter died by her husband's knife.

Just a few days before the incident, Liu used a pregnancy test stick to find out that she was pregnant, and her mother promised to take her to the hospital for examination when the epidemic improved.

  The testimony of Yan Haojie’s father showed that on the day of the crime, Yan Haojie returned home, pale and trembling all over, saying that he had killed his wife.

Father Yan asked how his wife was doing?

He said there was no help.

Later, Yan's father advised him to surrender to the public security organs.

  Liu's father said that Yan Haojie's family had never said Yan Haojie's gambling misdeeds.

"If I knew he would gamble, I would never marry my daughter to him."

  Liu's father still remembers that after the incident, his wife went to Yan Haojie's house and wanted to get back the things left by his daughter, but Yan Haojie's family locked the door tightly and dialed 110 to report to the police.

Until the trial, relatives and friends of the defendant never contacted her to apologize and blocked her WeChat phone number.

  "Our greatest wealth is gone"

  It took a total of 497 days from the incident to the trial. After hearing that Yan Haojie was finally sentenced to death, Liu's aunt lost control of her emotions and fell to the ground crying bitterly.

  Holding the verdict in her hand, the victim's mother couldn't calm down for a long time. She said with tears: "The murderer has finally been sentenced to death. I have an explanation to my daughter."

  Waiting anxiously at the gate of the court was Ms. Zhang, the parent of the student who Liu had taught.

Recalling the interaction between Teacher Liu and the students, Ms. Zhang wept several times. She told The Paper that Liu taught the first and second grade Chinese in elementary school, was gentle and patient, and had a good relationship with the parents of the students, regardless of whether the students’ performance was good or bad. .

  On a spring outing, Teacher Liu took more than 40 students by himself, but he took care of each of them and bought tissues and snacks for the children.

When waiting for the bus on the return trip, she sat in a chair and rested, and several girls surrounded her affectionately: "Ms. Liu, can I braid your braids?"

  In Ms. Zhang's eyes, Teacher Liu is "like a sister" to her children.

  On the afternoon of the sentencing day, Liu's relatives and friends went to the cemetery to pay homage, and the parents wanted to tell their daughter the result as soon as possible.

In the trunk of the car, there are already prepared fruits, snacks and drinks that the daughter loves to eat during her lifetime.

  At the tomb, the father read the verdict to his daughter, and burned the verdict and the copy of the marriage certificate together.

They told the deceased daughter: "The marriage certificate was burned for you. From now on, you will have nothing to do with this beast... Take care of yourself."

  The photo on Liu's tombstone was taken by her specially for the entry of a primary school.

Liu's relative said: "This is her favorite photo."

  Liu's parents tore the snacks that their daughter loved one by one, and placed them in front of the tomb. They placed two of each to pay homage to the little life in their daughter's stomach.

  "She also promised to take me to travel during the summer vacation." Liu's mother said that on weekends, her daughter would take herself to the movies and buy clothes. The clothes she chose for herself were all burned in the fire.

After the incident, the clothes on Liu's mother were brought to her on a temporary basis by several sisters.

  When sorting out the relics, Liu's mother found a school teaching CD that recorded the appearance of her daughter in class.

Liu's mother put it in the bedside table and often looked through it.

  "She used to kiss me when she walked in, but who will kiss me now?" Liu's mother said, her peers have children and grandchildren, but she herself said "the daughter was killed by him, and the house was burned by him." As for the days to come. , "Only two old people are living on each other."

  In the fire, most of Liu's objects were burned, leaving his parents, almost only the photos and chat records on the phone.

Nowadays, Liu’s mother’s mobile phone lock screen is still a picture of her daughter. Before the trial, she also sent a message to her daughter’s previous WeChat account, telling her that the verdict was about to come out.

  Liu's father told The Paper that at present, they are not considering civil litigation, and their only appeal is that Yan Haojie is sentenced to death.

"Our greatest wealth is gone, what use is there to ask for money?"

  Senior reporter Li Jing and intern Duan Wenxin