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The Lebanese violinist living in Spain Ara Malikian, named Adoptive Son of Zaragoza in 2018,

has published a tweet in which he complains that his origins and later life as an "expatriate"

sometimes leave him in "no man's land".

And, on this occasion, the situation has led him to stay out of the contest for a Latin Grammy, for, as he maintains,

"not being Latin enough."

Malikian, married to the Zaragoza filmmaker Natalia Moreno and closely related to the Aragonese capital, has written the following: "In Lebanon they did not consider me sufficiently Lebanese because I was of Armenian origin, the Armenians did not consider me sufficiently Armenian because I was born in Lebanon When I settled in Europe they did not consider me European because I was not born in Europe.

It was difficult for me to be at peace with myself for who I am and to accept being the eternal foreigner. "

"Does anyone understand something?"

He adds that "I have lived in Spain for 20 years and I have Spanish nationality. And I just had a record (

Petit garage



at the Latin Grammys for not being Latin enough. And I was already nominated for one of these awards. four years ago and I played at the opening gala three years ago.

Does anyone understand anything? "

Remember that

"I've been through everything and I've learned everything

. When I play, I never wonder where and with how many people I am. I just focus on moving, feeling completely free."

The organization of the contest, which will take place on November 18, 2021, has contacted the

musician to inform him of the decision that is not going to be appealed in any way

, according to Ara Malikian's team.

As soon as the news was known this Saturday, hundreds of followers of the violinist have shown their support on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began,

Malikian has been the Spanish artist who has offered the most concerts

, reaching the figure of 170 performances.

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