[Explanation] After studying for a Ph.D. but chose to drop out. Dawei from Irkutsk Region, Russia made such a decision half a year ago.

Why did this schoolmaster drop out of school halfway?

Dawei wrote the real reason on his withdrawal application.

Simple sentences make people laugh and feel the cruelty of reality. Dawei makes no secret of his need for money, but he does not make people feel Meijin.

Recently, the reporter came to the MCN agency signed by Dawei and interviewed this straightforward young man.

  [Explanation] Dawei, born in 1995, is a veritable academic master. He has obtained a bachelor's degree in international trade from Irkutsk State University in Russia and a bachelor's degree in world economics from Liaoning University in China.

And by the way, he passed the Chinese-Russian translation qualification certificate, and the Chinese Proficiency Test of China is at level 5.

Later, he obtained a master's degree in international relations from Liaoning University.

After becoming a master, he did not stop his studies and was successfully admitted to Liaoning University as a PhD student in World Economics.

However, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia disrupted this young man's education.

In the end, just as he wrote on his withdrawal application, “Because the Russian epidemic has affected the family's economic situation, I found a job to earn money to support my family. I hope that the teachers and leaders will agree to the application and thank Liaoning University for the kindness of my education.” So he bid farewell to the campus and changed his student visa to a work visa.

  [Concurrent] Dawei, Deputy General Manager of a Catering Management Co., Ltd. in Shenyang

  We foreigners can only develop according to your visa, so at that time, my visa was a study visa and I was not allowed to work. It was illegal (if working).

So I chose this aspect to work.

I changed my student visa to a work visa and started my business.

  [Explanation] Dawei did not worry too much about dropping out of school, and soon started the catering industry with his friends and full scholarships accumulated over the years.

In addition, he also opened an account on the short video platform, and after continuous hard work, he became an Internet celebrity with more than two million fans.

And signed a contract with an MCN agency in Shenyang.

And this was less than half a year before he dropped out.

This made him very sure that as long as he works hard and uses his brain, there are many opportunities to make money in China.

  [Concurrent] Dawei, Deputy General Manager of a Catering Management Co., Ltd. in Shenyang

  I feel that there are so many opportunities to develop, earn money, and work in China.

I feel that for foreigners, the better your Chinese, the faster your development, and you must have this. If you use your brain, you will be able to use it everywhere.

  [Explanation] As a pure Russian man, Dawei likes people who call him a fighting nation.

But in the eyes of colleagues, Dawei is somewhat inconsistent with the title of fighting nation.

This tall and handsome young man always greets people with a smile, and is courteous and modest in doing things. He is also recognized as a good temper in the company.

Although he was not from a major, he can always work hard to exceed his imagination.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Shan, video video operation of an MCN organization

  He has a good temper with us, and he doesn't lose his temper with us.

But in terms of his own character, he would still be a little bit the same as their fighting nation.

That is, we will send the (play) script to them in advance, and then he will recite it in advance, and he will be more cooperative when it comes to the scene.

Whatever he said, he didn't refute it anyway.

  [Explanation] In fact, Dawei's entrepreneurial road was not smooth, for no other reason, but also because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Less than a month after the restaurant opened, an epidemic broke out in Shenyang, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

But he still managed to overcome the difficulties silently. Fortunately, Huangtian paid off. Through unremitting efforts, Dawei opened three restaurants in Shenyang, each with its own merits.

His good development in China also made his family and friends in his hometown feel the prosperity of China's economy, and he agreed to come here to follow in Dawei's footsteps when the epidemic is over.

  [Concurrent] Dawei, Deputy General Manager of a Catering Management Co., Ltd. in Shenyang

  I still have a younger brother in my family. My parents sent him to me when he graduated from high school. My parents didn't worry about it at all. They wanted me to take my younger brother for development.

  [Explanation] Since I came to Shenyang in early 2014, Dawei has been living here for 7 years now. He has grown from a schoolmaster to a head of a catering organization and an Internet celebrity with more than 2 million fans.

For Dawei, the city of Shenyang has become his hometown, where he has good friends and familiar streets.

In the future, he hopes to obtain a Chinese green card through his own efforts, and earn more money here, so that everyone around him can live a happy life.

  Reporter Yu Ruizhai from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]