While the romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is confirmed, many media take the opportunity to highlight a conflict between the pop star and Jennifer Garner, the ex of the actor.

An unacceptable media montage for Jameela Jamil who simply calls for a boycott of these publications.

"We are not in the 1990s. We no longer pit women against other women because of a man ... especially when only one of them wants it", annoyed the star of

The Good Place

in a long Instagram post as several publications have contrasted clichés of Jennifer Garner leaving the gym with other much more glamorous Jennifer Lopez.

"Let the Jens live"

For Jameela Jamil, it is very simple, Internet users must turn away from this content.

“We must actively reject this nonsense.

We control the market.

The media respond according to what they think we want, ”she continued, before addressing her own experience of behavior which, for her, is never more than a relic of patriarchy.

“I have seen so many women see me as a threat or a competitor when I never wanted that (…).

I have also often seen men actively trying to pit us against each other, me and other women, she continued.

This bullshit comes from the patriarchy and is constantly distilled in our psyche and this mainly by the tabloids but not only… Let the Jens live.

Let the women live.

Let the girls live.

Let's stop this nonsense.



Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Confirm Romance With Passionate Instagram Snap

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