From today (1st) to tomorrow, it will rain all over the country.

In particular, you need to be careful as it may rain locally in the central region and Gyeongbuk between tonight and tomorrow morning.

During the day today, rain will subside in the central inland.

If you look at the radar image now, rain clouds are gradually coming in.

It is raining little by little in the west and west coasts.

From now on, it will rain 5 to 40mm mainly on the east coast, and 20 to 70mm of rain is expected across the country including Jeju.

In particular, you need to be careful as heavy rain of more than 100mm can pour in many places, and thunder and lightning can strike along with a gust of wind in the raining area.

Amidst the rain, the sweltering heat continues.

A heat wave warning is in effect nationwide.

The daytime temperature will rise to 31 degrees in Seoul, 33 degrees in Daejeon, and 32 degrees in Busan.

There will be frequent showers this week.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)