Mo Hayder, who gained fame in the Netherlands with thrillers such as




has died at the age of 59.

The British suffered from the nerve/muscle disease ALS, reports

The Guardian


Hayder had been diagnosed with the disease in December 2020, which leads to insufficient or non-functioning muscles.

The disease normally has a life expectancy of three to five years, but Hayder's disease developed "in an alarming way," reports her publisher Transworld.

The author, who is actually called Clare Dunkel and who used Mo Hayder as a pseudonym, broke through in 1999 with


(published in the Netherlands as


The thriller, characterized by its explicit scenes, revolves around detective Jack Caffery.

He was the focus of six other Hayder books, including

The Treatment

(filmed in Flanders in 2014) and


Hayder also wrote three more standalone thrillers.

All her books also received a Dutch translation.

According to her publisher, Hayder had started writing a new series under the pseudonym Theo Clare.


in a different universe,

The Book of Sand

will be released in early 2022.