China News Service, July 30. According to the official Weibo of the Guangzhou Metro, the Shenzhou Road Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 21 has suspended operations due to stagnant water entering the station.

The emergency plan was activated at the station, and all passengers in the station have been evacuated safely, with no casualties.

  Currently, Shenzhou Road Station is undergoing cleaning and equipment inspections in the station.

The staff is working hard to deal with it, and the water inlet has been blocked.

  At present, the small cross roads from Yuancun Station to Huangcun Station and Suyuan Station to Zengcheng Square Station are operating, and other lines of the line network are operating normally.

The bus connection from Huangcun to Suyuan has been activated.

Screenshot of Guangzhou Metro's official Weibo

Screenshot of Guangzhou Metro's official Weibo