China News Service, July 30. According to the WeChat official account of the Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, 68 American Garden in Chengdu High-tech Zone has been upgraded to a medium-risk area. There are currently 3 medium-risk areas in Chengdu.

  According to a report from the Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, there were no new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections in Chengdu from 0-24 on July 29.

  As of 8 o'clock on July 30, there were 755 close contacts of local cases in the city, all of which were negative in nucleic acid tests; 1232 people were in close contact with each other, of which 1166 were negative for nucleic acid, and 66 had the result pending.

A total of 1,326 environmental samples have been collected, and 1,321 have been tested, 2 of which were positive (all from the patients’ homes), and all the others were negative.

The city has completed nucleic acid testing of 389,658 relevant personnel in key areas, and the results are all negative.

  According to epidemiological investigations, the confirmed case 5 reported on the 28th had visited relatives and friends in the American Garden of the High-tech Zone, staying for a long time, and there was a risk of epidemic spread.

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, after the research and judgment of provincial and municipal experts, and the approval of the provincial prevention and control headquarters, from 21:00 on July 29, 2021, the 68 American Garden in the high-tech zone will be designated as a medium-risk area. And implement corresponding control measures.

The risk level of other regions in Chengdu remains unchanged.

There are currently 3 medium-risk areas in Chengdu, namely:

  Qingyang District (1): Xi'an District, Youpin Road, Guanghua Street

  High-tech Zone (2): Building 68, Yasongju Community, Capital City, Shiyang Street, America Garden

Daily Bulletin of New Crown Epidemic in Chengdu

  On July 29, there was one newly imported confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia in Chengdu, and one new person was discharged from hospital.

There were no new asymptomatic infections, and two imported asymptomatic infections were released from isolation.

  As of 24:00 on July 29, Chengdu has reported a total of 751 confirmed cases (including 588 imported from abroad), a total of 707 people have been discharged from hospitals, and 3 people have died. The remaining 41 confirmed cases are being treated in isolation at designated hospitals.

The city’s existing 23 cases of asymptomatic infections are undergoing centralized isolation and medical observation.

At present, 1,036 close contacts are undergoing centralized isolation and medical observation.

1 new imported confirmed case

  Confirmed case: Chinese nationality.

I took flight KR961 from Cambodia and arrived in Chengdu on July 28, and was quarantined immediately after entering the country.

On July 29, due to fever, the nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus was positive, and he was diagnosed as a confirmed case and transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment.

  The environment of the isolation point where the above-mentioned confirmed cases lived has been disinfected, the close contacts are all in isolation and observation, and the nucleic acid tests are all negative.

1 new case discharged

  One patient diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia was fully treated by the hospital and was in compliance with the national "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan" (Trial Eighth Edition Revised Edition) and was cured and discharged from the hospital.

He has now been transferred to a centralized isolation point to continue medical observation and follow-up for 14 days.

  Patient: He was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia on June 25 and was transferred to a designated hospital.