A pictogram that attracted a lot of attention at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

The movement to post unique pictograms on SNS is still continuing, and there is a lot of response to the "child-rearing pictogram" that expresses the difficulty of changing diapers and the offense and defense with children while eating like a competition event. ..

The title posted on July 27 was "List of Mama Lympics (Paparympic) 2020 Competitions", and over 104,000 likes were received in three days.

When trying to make a diaper, chasing a moving child is "diaper changing", the child throwing food during meals is "rice throwing", and parents desperately accept it is "rice catching" Introducing child-rearing diapers with titles like competition events.

Shopping between a child on his back and a child who dislikes pulling his hand is a "big thing (three-person system)".

On the other hand, "I'm relieved that my child isn't the only one working on throwing rice?" Or "I cry when I think that there are days when I get a gold medal and days when I don't win a prize. There is a response that repeats the thoughts of each child-rearing, such as "Kuru".

The pictogram was made by Epo, who gave birth to a girl last June, and was unable to go out due to the spread of the new corona infection, reducing opportunities to interact with people raising children.

Mr. Epo said about the reason for making it, "I thought that it would be possible to be a little calm and positive when thinking that difficult things are competitions like pictograms." I'm sending out about child-rearing, but it's the first time I've received so many responses. I can't interact as much as I want, so I can rest assured that I'm not the only one who has a lot of sympathy. " He said.

In addition, "Tsumami Hoshida", who raises boys aged 2 and 8, posted a pictogram of a child who does not easily hear what he says under the title "Pikto 2-year-old child".

The appearance of running away from the table without trying to eat the prepared meal is "I can't eat!", And the appearance of finding a parent who tried to eat while hiding a snack and pointing his finger at himself is titled "That's what I want to eat". I especially like it.

Mr. Hoshida said, "I have had the experience of being found by the sound of opening a bag when I tried to hide and eat sweets. I made it with the intention of expressing the backlash of my parents and the high ability of a 2-year-old child to detect it. I did. "

"A 2-year-old child who expresses his feelings with his whole body is like an athlete. Parents who face each other are as full-throttle as athletes," he said about his thoughts on child-rearing. The fun is back-to-back. It's similar to sports, but it's a competition without goal tapes. I hope the people who see the post will try their best. "