The new coronavirus, which continues to spread, and tweets that show the difference between the symptoms such as severe illness that the general public thinks and the symptoms that doctors think are talked about, and voices such as "This deviation is scary" Has been sent.

The illustration was posted by Kosuke Yasukawa, who works as an internist in the United States.

Some people think that "mild" is "no problem at all, a cold", but for doctors, it indicates that they are coughing even though they do not need oxygen.

In addition, "moderate" is "likely to be stuffy" for some people, but for doctors, "pneumonia is widespread and for many people it is the most painful in life".

And "severe" indicates that while some people have the image that they "need to be hospitalized", there is a big gap for doctors as a serious situation that "may not help". ..

In addition, "because some people do not this ring a bell to say that mild or moderate disease, a made by tried slide"

, "the definition of" severe "in Japan is a ventilator and intensive care is needed state"

such as a picture I also posted the motives that explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

The formal classification in Japanese medical practice is divided into four stages: "mild", "moderate 1", "moderate 2", and "severe".

Of these, "moderate" is classified into "moderate 1" with findings of dyspnea and pneumonia and "moderate 2" whose symptoms have worsened to the point where oxygen administration is required.

In response to this post, "This" misalignment "is scary. I'm tired of corona, but I want to keep an eye on it." The expression "tight" was the most applicable. "

Among them, a man who became moderately ill said, "I am in my thirties and have a good physique and physical strength, but it was still quite difficult. I was thinking while looking up. If I thought I might have a cold, I should inspect it immediately without worrying about it. I left it alone and had a hard time. "

In addition, a person who seems to have lost a close person due to infection said, "In addition to this figure, I would like you to know that my mother was, but" Many people die from moderate disease (without severe illness). There were also voices complaining about the fear of the new coronavirus.