China News Service, Hong Kong, July 30th. Title: Hong Kong Police’s new "one brother" Xiao Zeyi: Anti-violence and anti-terrorism are very important

  China News Agency reporter Suo Youwei

  Those who have watched the Hong Kong Police Force’s 2021 promo film "Defense the City" are no strangers to Xiao Zeyi, who succeeded Tang Pingqiang as the chief of the Hong Kong Police Force. Among them, he is the "commander in chief" who plays with terrorists.

  Xiao Zeyi, the new "one brother" of the Hong Kong Police Force, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency on the occasion of taking office for a month.

  Xiao Zeyi, who joined the police force for 33 years and is now 55, comes from a family of police officers. During the "black storm" in 2019, Xiao Zeyi served as the deputy chief of the police department in charge of operations.

  "After the implementation of the National Security Law, Hong Kong as a whole changed from chaos, but potential risks still exist. First of all, we will definitely strengthen intelligence collection and law enforcement. However, intelligence collection cannot rely on the police alone. We hope that all Hong Kong citizens can give it. We support." He said: "Since the National Security Department of the Police Department set up a reporting hotline in November 2020, it has collected more than 120,000 pieces of information. A lot of information has played a great role in the fight against riots and terrorism. Bring to justice. Therefore, it is very important for the whole people to fight against violence and terrorism."

  "The biggest challenge we face in the future is that some people, some external forces are still ready to move, and even some people are secretly carrying out underground attacks." Xiao Zeyi emphasized: "I am absolutely confident to continue to maintain Hong Kong's hard-won stability and lead us. Of the 30,000 police officers are responsible for their duties."

  The Hong Kong Police Force, which was discredited during the "black riots", is continuing to guard Hong Kong with the motto of "Loyalty and Courage to the Society".

Xiao Zeyi is pleased that the number of applicants for the police force in the first half of 2021 has increased by more than 10% compared to the second half of 2020, and the number of successful recruits in the police force has increased by 50% year-on-year. "There was a recruitment experience day at the Police Academy last month. The number of people exceeded 1,600 and the number of applicants was close to 500, which made us very encouraged."

  One of Xiao Zeyi's work plan is an anti-terrorism exercise.

"I'm not talking about the anti-terrorism exercises of the police force, nor the anti-terrorism exercises of the disciplinary forces, but the participation of the whole people. We will also do some anti-terrorism exercises in the mall, because the security of the mall is also responsible for cooperating with the police, which is very important." He says.

  Xiao Zeyi, who used "thunderbolt means" to guard Hong Kong, lamented that the past two years have been unprecedented challenges for the entire Hong Kong and Hong Kong police force.

Among the young people under the age of 21 arrested by the police in the same period, more than 93% have no record.

He revealed that the police force had just cracked a case that arrested 14 people, 9 of whom were students, and these students were members of the action group, who were used to commit illegal acts such as planting bombs.

  Why does this happen?

Xiao Zeyi was thinking. He went to the correctional facility many times to talk to these astray young people and found that they were misled by a lot of fake news and false news, and they had a considerable misunderstanding of the country. Now, after calming down, many people regret it.

  "Those who use fake news and fake news behind to mislead young people, some foreign agents, how many young people have killed? How many families have been killed? This group of young people has no future." He raised his tone and said: "Hong Kong citizens, including parents and teachers, must reflect on how we should prevent the younger generation from being so easily exploited."

  "I think young people who have gone astray should be given a chance to start again." Xiao Zeyi said, with a gentle expression in his eyes: "When they have already taken the consequences of breaking the law and feel regret, can we give them a chance to continue their studies? , Or give them a chance to find a job? I believe that in various communities, there are many people who can help them, and all Hong Kong citizens can contribute."

  "We need to do more education on national security in all schools in Hong Kong. The vast majority of young people who have a big misunderstanding about the country have never been to the mainland. Not only young people, but many people’s understanding of the country is stagnant. Thirty years ago, young people might as well give themselves a chance to visit the mainland.” He continued, after the normal customs clearance, the police-civilian relations team will arrange some members of the Junior Police Call to visit the mainland and learn about the country. History, science and technology, understand what the country looks like today, and communicate with peers. "They will find that the people in the Mainland live happily in a fairly safe environment."

  On the background screen behind Xiao Zeyi, the words "Guardian my city, tread the waves" are particularly eye-catching.