Governor Koike of Tokyo was asked by reporters about the rapid spread of infection in Tokyo during the Olympic Games, "Is the situation safe and secure in Tokyo?" We are working to improve our system. We are working to secure it. "

At a press conference on the 30th, Governor Koike was asked by reporters, "We have been advocating the holding of a safe and secure Olympic Games, but is the host city of Tokyo now in a safe and secure situation?"

In response, Governor Koike said, "Although the medical care provision system is in a difficult situation, we are improving the system for hospitals, accommodation treatment, and home treatment. Please understand that" Delta strain "is highly infectious. I would like to take measures while sharing a sense of crisis with everyone. "

After that, the reporters repeatedly asked, "Is Tokyo in a position to maintain safety and security?", But only stated that "we are trying to secure it."

In addition, Governor Koike said that the chairman of the government subcommittee, Mr. Omi, cited the Olympics as one of the factors that increase the number of infections. It seems that they are connected. In that sense, the Olympics play a role in "stay home." "

Then, when the reporters asked, "There is an indication that the tournament is an incentive to evoke going out, what do you think?", He said, "I would rather analyze it."