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Hip hip hooray

Mariska Bauer's father celebrates his seventieth birthday on Thursday.

Together with his daughter and well-known son-in-law Frans, the party was celebrated in a restaurant.

"Today my father-in-law is hitting seventy," the singer writes.

"Hip hip hip hooray."

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New clip for Tony

Tony Junior, who is currently featured in 

The Bachelor

, has shot a new music video in which he is also surrounded by beautiful women.

"Just record a clip. Have a look, hello!", says the DJ and producer in his Instagram Stories.

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yesterday at 15:33

Jaimie Vaes wants attention

Reality star Jaimie Vaes seems to be enjoying a cup of coffee, but in the meantime she has other things on her mind.

She posted on Instagram: "Why don't you want me like other guys want me? They stare at me, while I stare at you."

She doesn't know who she's talking about.

yesterday at 13:46

Marieke Elsinga imagines herself on an expedition

During a walk to the swimming pool, presenter Marieke Elsinga decided to take a detour over a mountain.



presenter is on holiday in Italy and wanted to enjoy the view.

That cost her dearly.

The walk turned out to be more difficult in slippers than predicted and the last meters she collided with a cactus.

"It looks like I'm participating in

Expedition Robinson

", Elsinga said on Instagram, with a photo of her injury.

yesterday at 11:17

Victoria is lucky

After being married to former footballer David Beckham for 22 years, fashion designer and ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham still considers herself lucky.

She proudly posted a photo of her husband in a swimsuit on Instagram, with the words "How lucky I am!".

yesterday at 10:02

Kerry Washington shares 'dad jokes'

Kerry Washington's father's jokes are good enough for Olympic gold, according to the American actress.

"If the #dadjokes Olympics make an Olympic sport, then my dad deserves a gold medal," Washington wrote on Instagram.

yesterday at 09:16

Patty Brard can confirm the well-known text of Children for Children, "With a beessie you are never really alone", by dog ​​Bobbie.

The young dog follows her everywhere and likes to play with everything he encounters.

This time it's a toilet roll.


With a beessie you are never really alone again

yesterday at 05:18

Never camping again

Georgina Verbaan looks like a trained camper in the photo she shares on Instagram, but the actress never wants to do it again, according to the hashtags.

yesterday at 05:18

Wednesday at 20:33

Arjen Lubach is looking for funny writers

Presenter Arjen Lubach has posted a vacancy on Instagram.

For a new, daily TV program he is looking for people who can write funny.

"Age, experience, background, etc. does not matter, as long as you can write funny and are aware of current events", he says.

Interested parties can send an email to him.

Wednesday at 17:05

Katie Price under the knife again

British TV personality Katie Price has had the necessary cosmetic procedures performed in the past.

On her social media she shows in detail what happened during her last visit to the plastic surgeon.

And that looks quite painful.

Wednesday at 14:40

Shelly Sterk cannot get used to the Spanish culture

Presenter Shelly Sterk is renovating her new holiday home on the Spanish coast. That's no fun, let them know on Instagram. "After blood, sweat and tears (literally) we are finally in our pool," she writes under a photo with her son. "Renovating in Spain is not nothing, guys? Despite a super sweet Dutch contractor, you still have a lot to do with the Spanish culture. And I can't get used to that. Appointments simply mean nothing and everything is possible."

As an example, the presenter gives a few ordered outdoor lamps that were sold to someone else after weeks of waiting. "Naaah! So I'm not made for that and have thought so many times over the past few weeks that I was getting completely lazy."

Wednesday at 12:43

Two years without

Lily Allen will be exactly two years sober and clean on Wednesday, the British singer shares on her social media channels.

"Today I have been free from drugs and alcohol for exactly two years," the 36-year-old singer writes under a photo of herself.

"Getting sober is the BEST thing I've ever done. And I got to do a lot of cool shit."

Wednesday at 10:53

Greetings from Edsilia

Edsilia Rombley and her husband Tjeerd Oosterhuis are on holiday with their daughters and share a photo of the beautiful weather.

The singer greets everyone and wishes her followers lots of love from her holiday address.

Wednesday at 08:58

On television

Lakshmi visited

Studio Tokyo

last night 

, where she was allowed to sing a song with Blaudzun's house band.

The singer is very happy with the invitation.

Wednesday at 08:58

Wednesday at 07:02

New arrival

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have expanded their household with puppy Pearl.

According to Teigen, the little basset is already a big fan of Legend and also gets along well with their other dog Penny.

Wednesday at 04:32

Using rumors for advertising

Paris Hilton knows how to do it: if everyone is talking about you, you might as well use it to promote yourself.

The hotel heiress read about herself on various gossip sites that she is pregnant and now calls on everyone to listen to her podcast so that they can discover whether that is really true.

For those who don't want to listen to the eleven-minute episode: Hilton is not pregnant, but would very much like to see that change after her wedding.

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Katja can't resist

Actress Katja Schuurman knows that not everyone is waiting for baby photos.

But that doesn't stop her from posting them anyway.

Under a photo of her and her (almost) one-year-old daughter Coco Loulou she writes: "Do you have her with her baby again. Yes sorry, I can't help myself."

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Bridget is chilling

Presenter Bridget Maasland is on holiday in Spain.

In addition to trips to cathedrals and the beach, which she lets her followers enjoy on Instagram Stories, she is also chilling with son Mees in a hammock.

Tuesday at 13:42

Shirma is grateful

Singer Shirma Rouse has been battling excess pounds for almost two years now.

And that pays off.

She posted a photo from 2019 on Instagram, with a photo from last week on the beach in Curaçao next to it.

Rouse adds, "Change isn't easy, but it's well worth it! I'm grateful for my spiritual, spiritual and physical growth. I'm a work in progress!"

Tuesday at 09:36

Significant delay

Unfortunately, it takes a little longer before


's bed and breakfast is

looking for Wife

candidates Steffi and Roel.

A number of local residents are against the arrival of the guest house and therefore no official permission has yet been given. 

"It is very annoying, but there are worse things," the farmer's wife told



"This is the risk of doing business and we are not giving up yet. I hope to be able to report soon that construction will start."

Tuesday at 09:36

Tuesday at 07:36

Everyone wants to know

Karin Bloemen is regularly asked: with a surname like that, she must love flowers, right?

The comedian confirms on Instagram that she indeed likes to put out the flowers and has herself photographed in a field full of yellow plants.

Tuesday at 04:21

Happy birthday, Grandma

Kim Kardashian is very close to her family and that extends beyond her sisters: Grandma MJ is also everywhere.

Today Kris Jenner's mother celebrates her 87th birthday and so she gets a tribute from her granddaughter.

Monday at 18:30

Blowing out four candles

Simon Keizer is celebrating the fourth birthday of his daughter Kiki.

And she was looking forward to that, says the singer on Instagram. 

"At Christmas, she asked as a present if she could please turn four. From then on she asked daily how long that would last. Finally the long countdown is over. Everything that her little life revolved around has happened: it's her birthday."

Monday at 08:54

The 'real' Boulevard

Marieke Elsinga regularly presents

 RTL Boulevard

, but in her spare time she also likes to stroll along the 'real' boulevard.

"Boulevard. Crazy about it," she captioned a black and white photo.

Monday at 08:50

Do-it-yourself Frans

On the last Monday of July, Frans Bauer focuses on odd jobs.

Judging by his look, this is still a bit uncomfortable for the singer.

"The Bauer is going to grind," Bauer writes, adding a sad-looking smiley.

Monday at 08:47

Married for seven years

Pauline Wingelaar, known from

Echte Gooische Mothers

, has been married to Harmen for seven years on Monday.

"With the 'luf of my life'", said the reality star.

Monday at 08:47

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