China News Service, Fuzhou, July 30 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) "In the next eight days, classical romantic music will linger in the hearts of musicians on both sides of the strait, touching the softest part of everyone's heart." Tang Wenzhong, Dean of Fujian Vocational College of Art Said on the 29th.

  On the evening of the 29th, pianists from both sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly performed. The sound of the gurgling piano opened the 2021 Cross-Strait (Fuzhou) Art Youth Piano Music Festival.

More than one hundred well-known piano masters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, cross-strait art youth joint symphony orchestra, and new piano talents will join in the grand event.

  The event was guided by the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and hosted by Fujian Vocational College of Art, Taiwan Artists Music Exchange Association, and Fujian Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Center.

  Wei Danwen, director of the piano department of the Central Conservatory of Music and vice president of the Piano Society of the Chinese Music Association, serves as the chairman of this festival.

Wei Danwen said in his opening speech that cross-strait music education exchanges and industrial cooperation are in the ascendant, and there is strong demand. The cross-strait art youth piano music festival has moved from a virtual reality to a real one, and strives to promote the integrated development of cross-strait music education and music industry, which is in line with the cross-strait response. Good platform".

  Liu Rong, secretary general of the Taiwan Artists Music Exchange Association, told reporters that the event received enthusiastic response from Taiwanese musicians. 49 young musicians from both sides of the strait formed the Cross-Strait Joint Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the opening performance that night, there will be five consecutive concertos. night of".

  "Musicians on both sides of the strait exchange and exchange ideas, cooperate with each other on stage, and interact in exchanges and exchanges. It will certainly be of great benefit to promoting the integration and development of cross-strait culture." said Li Honglan, vice president of the National Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association. "I hope more through cross-strait art exchanges. In the future, more Taiwanese youth will come to the mainland to develop."

  In recent years, Fujian has held a series of cross-strait cultural exchange activities such as the Fujian Cultural Treasure Island Tour, the Youth Affection for Youth-Cross-Strait Youth Eight Min Tour, Cross-Strait Children's Singer Competition, Cross-Strait Youth Street Dance Competition, etc., to build a common pursuit by musicians on both sides of the strait. stage.

  Lin Shouqin, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that Fujian and Taiwan are connected by one water, and the cultures on both sides of the strait are of the same origin. National sentiments and regional characteristics are blended in music. "It is easier for compatriots on both sides of the strait to communicate with each other. ".