Kim Kardashian is urged by the company SKKN+ to change the brand name of her latest beauty line.

The reality star wants to appropriate the brand name SKKN, but Cyndie Lunsford of SKKN + wants to put a stop to this,




Lunsford says it has been providing facials under this name since July 2017 and also has a website and several social media accounts.

The owner says she has invested a lot of time, energy and money in the development of the SKKN+ products and the marketing of the brand name, and if Kim uses the same name, it can cause confusion.

Kardashian's lawyer says his client has done nothing wrong with her new brand name.

"We appreciate and support small businesses, so hats off to Ms Lunsford. However, this is about trademark law and we haven't done anything worthy of legal action," said attorney Michael G. Rhodes.

"In addition, it is disappointing that Ms. is seeking the media when a telephone appointment was scheduled for tomorrow, which her lawyer has asked for. So although we disagree about the content of the letter, we are hopeful that we can work it out together if both parties talk to each other," said Kim's attorney Michael G. Rhodes.