In Chiba prefecture, it was announced on the 30th that it was confirmed that 753 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus.

The number of newly infected people announced on the 1st in Chiba Prefecture increased by 176 at a stretch from 577 on the 28th, which was the highest ever, and reached a record high.

In addition, the number of people increased by 419 from Friday a week ago, more than doubled, surpassing the same day of the previous week for 23 consecutive days.

In Chiba prefecture, a total of 48,371 people have been confirmed to be infected.

At the prefectural high school in Funabashi City, infection of eight female students belonging to the volleyball club has been confirmed so far, and a group of infected people = a cluster has occurred.

In Chiba Prefecture, the deaths of two men and women in their 70s were announced, bringing the total number of deaths to 734.

The number of seriously ill people in Chiba Prefecture is 30 as of 1:00 pm on the 30th, and the usage rate for 101 dedicated beds for severely ill people secured in Chiba Prefecture is 29.7%.