Three years ago, the city's re-investigation committee overturned the initial findings of not recognizing bullying over the suicide of a girl student in the first grade of junior high school at that time in Nagoya City, and issued a report admitting that there was bullying. I submitted it to the city.

On the other hand, regarding suicide, he said that bullying alone could not be determined as a direct trigger, but he pointed out that there was a problem with the response of the school and the board of education after that.

Three years ago, in January 2018, when Hanako Saito, a first-year junior high school student at the time, committed suicide in Nagoya City, a third-party committee of Otoshi City said, "It is not admitted that there was bullying." However, the city set up a third-party review committee in response to the complaint that the bereaved family was not satisfied, and the committee submitted a report to the city on the 30th.

In the report, Mr. Saito was found to be bullying because he had been ignored by other members in club activities.

Regarding suicide, although it can be pointed out that it is related, it was not possible to conclude that bullying was the only direct trigger, and there was no place to stay at school to discuss anxiety and dissatisfaction. He pointed out that there is a high possibility that factors such as these have led to suicide.

On the other hand, he criticized that the school's response did not take into consideration that Mr. Saito was a transfer student, overlooked the transmission of distress, and lacked the perspective that there might be bullying.

Furthermore, even if there is a problem with the response of the school or the board of education that suffered suicide, the school management has an attitude to find and guide the bullying at an early stage on the premise that there is bullying, and the system that students can consult with confidence. I proposed to make a school.

Bereaved family "It took three and a half years to finally start the line"

Shintaro Saito, his father, who held a press conference in response to the results of the re-investigation, said, "It was a big step to be certified as bullying, and it took me three and a half years to finally get to the starting line. It was fair and neutral. I highly appreciate the correct investigation. "

He said, "If I had responded earlier, my daughter would still have a happy life with us. I want her to apologize." I asked you to do it.

Mayor Kawamura "I apologize for not noticing it."

Mayor Kawamura of Nagoya City explained the contents of the report to Mr. Saito's parents who died, and apologized, "I'm sorry for this. I apologize for why I didn't notice it."

After that, in response to a reporter's interview, he said, "I'm really sorry, I'm most feeling. I wonder what Nagoya City was doing."

After that, in order to put the recommendations of the Review Committee into practice, on the 30th, a project team headed by Deputy Mayor Hirosawa was set up and expressed his intention to work on preventing recurrence.