[Explanation] On the afternoon of July 27, Wang Junfeng, a major officer of the Political Work Department of the Henan Armed Police Force, Xinxiang, Henan, fell into the flood and lost his glasses during the flood rescue. He was unable to participate in the flood rescue mission.

  [Explanation] After withdrawing from the front line of flood fighting and rescue, he went to an optical shop in Langgongmiao Town to equip glasses. The owner of the optical shop Li Xianmin learned that Wang Junfeng had lost and injured his glasses on the front line of flood fighting. In the end, the owner of the glasses shop symbolically charged 1 yuan, and this scene was filmed by surveillance.

  [On-site same period] There is no charge for this glasses!

(No, no, no boss, it must be charged, it can’t, we don’t allow it, and discipline doesn’t allow it.) Discipline is discipline.

(You can make a discount, and you have to pay.) The glasses do not charge any money. If you pay, I won’t match them to you.

(Cost price, cost price, we are not embarrassed anymore.)

  If you are successful, you will pay 1 yuan, if you are not, I will not match you.

  [Concurrent] Li Xianmin, owner of Dr. Ho's optical shop

  My hometown was hit, and all parts of the country are supporting us. Seeing this situation, I resolutely don’t want money, but because of our discipline and restraint, we armed police officers and soldiers resolutely refuse to take the masses a needle or a thread, so I will symbolically receive 1 yuan. Qian also expressed my sincere support for our flood-fighting and disaster relief officers and soldiers in this mood. Thank you. I can't say anything else, I am a little excited.

  [Concurrent] Wang Junfeng, Major Officer, Political Work Department, Henan Armed Police Corps

  These actions were very small, but they moved me very much and made me feel the honor of being a soldier.

  Li Chaoqing, Liang Taicheng, Wang Guoqiang reports from Henan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】