An experiment was conducted at the Kyoto City Zoo to see if chimpanzees are as interested in art as humans.

The experiment was started on July 20 by a group of researchers at the Kyoto City Zoo and artists of contemporary art, and a special screen 1 meter wide and 65 cm long was installed on the glass of a chimpanzee breeding facility. ..

On the 29th, we confirmed the reaction of the chimpanzees by playing three kinds of images such as a herd of wild chimpanzees on the screen for 15 minutes each.

Four adult chimpanzees didn't react very well to any of the footage and only occasionally looked at it from a distance, but one child chimpanzee reached out to touch the footage of the artwork and seemed to be interested nearby. I was looking at it.

In the future, the group will analyze the facial expressions of chimpanzees and the number of approaches for each video.

Hiromi Yamanashi, a senior researcher at the Kyoto City Zoo, said, "Young chimpanzees are more active in gathering information, and compared to adults, they actually touch art works, which shows a positive tendency. Based on this experiment, we can see that there is a positive tendency. I want to create works of art that are comfortable and beneficial to chimpanzees. "