"Village Axiang" Zhang Guodan lives in Sanlong Dong Village, Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, which has the reputation of "Dong Ge Nest" and "Beauty Nest".

In 2015, her father died unexpectedly. After returning home, Axiang accidentally opened his father's computer folder and saw that his father left a large number of precious Dong ethnic songs and images. At the same time, he also found in his father's notebook that his father had not recorded the Dong drama. , So she decided to stay in the village, inherit her father's will, and inherit the Dong culture.

  "I am worried that the big song of the Dong nationality will follow us to the coffin." The appearance of Axiang made the old singers in the Dong village see the hope of the inheritance and development of the Dong nationality song.

In order to be able to record the genres of Dong songs, Axiang traveled to various villages only when he had time, and went to the old singer's house to record the Dong song and translate it into a video.

In 2018, Axiang led her girlfriends to start shooting short videos to pass on the big songs of the Dong people, the culture of the Dong people, and the lives of the Dong people to the outside world.

  In this process, Axiang helped the villagers increase their income through live broadcasts, and invited singers whose souls were hit hard to make micro-films and sing in the live broadcast room, helping the singers to gradually get out of the haze and find the motivation to live again.

Today, Axiang has begun to create a dream song pastoral that integrates experience of Dong culture, farming culture, accommodation, e-commerce, live broadcast base, picking, and fishing. It will be used as a place for the spread of Dong culture and is in the revitalization of the countryside. , Contribute one's own strength.

  Reporter Yuan Chao reports from Guizhou

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】