China News Service, July 29. On July 28, directed and produced by Chen Musheng, produced by Donnie Yen and starring, Nicholas Tse and Lan Qin starred in the premiere of the film "Furious Case" in Beijing. Director Chen Musheng's former friend, His colleagues Jackie Chan, Wang Jing, Lin Chaoxian, Li Shaohong, Yu Baimei, Song Haolin, Zhang Luan and others also made a special trip to the site to work on the platform of Director Chen's legacy.

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  There were no empty seats for the premiere, only the middle seat was always empty, which was reserved for the late director Chen Musheng.

At the end of the screening, the audience stood up and applauded to pay tribute to the Hong Kong police and gangster film hero.

Jackie Chan said that he had collaborated with Chen Musheng in many films before. Even if he didn't cooperate, I would definitely be there for the premiere of each of his films.

Only today, Chen Musheng became the one who did not arrive.

He also sighed, "I was still preparing "New Police Story 2", "Baby Project 2" and "Drunken Master 3" with Chen Musheng. He left before the filming started."

  Although he was filming in a foreign country, Donnie Yen, the producer and lead star of "Furious Cases", was still concerned about the first screening of the film. During the premiere scene, he shared with the audience the behind-the-scenes and feelings of the filming.

Donnie Yen said frankly, "Because I love movies, I created this movie with a director who loves movies. Director Chen Musheng has contributed many classic works to the genre of police and criminal films in his life. I hope that those who love movies will not miss the last film directed by Chen Musheng. ."

Jackie Chan

  When shooting the movie, Nicholas Tse also spent a lot of effort in trying to figure out the villain. In addition to doing his best in the action scenes, he must practice butterfly knives when eating. Even the "Villain Laughter" must be rehearsed in front of the mirror. Only let him play the villain Qiu Gangao, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

Speaking of the story with director Chen Musheng, Nicholas Tse also said, "For me, most of my movies are spent with director Chen Musheng. To me, he is the exclusive mark of Hong Kong-style action movies."

  In the movie, Lan Keying, played by Lan Qin, is the wife of Zhang Chongbang, a policeman played by Donnie Yen. She is pregnant with Liujia, and brings unlimited power to Zhang Chongbang with kindness and gentleness.

At the scene, Qin Lan said that the first blasting scene in her life was in "Rage: Serious Case", "Although it is the first time to work with Director Chen Musheng, it has become an unforgettable memory in a lifetime."

Nicholas Tse

  It is reported that the movie "Furious Cases" will be released nationwide on July 30.