Hwang Hye-young, a broadcaster and shopping mall CEO, criticized the controversy over the short cut.

On the 29th, Hwang Hye-young posted on her social media account, "Nawon is a star," and said, "If you don't like the fact that a woman has a short haircut, just call her hyung. Or do you grow your hair and win a gold medal. What should I do with my hair?"

This is interpreted as raising a problem with some Internet public opinion that the short haircut of the national team Ansan, who won two gold medals in archery at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is a symbol of feminism.

Prior to this, Kim Kyung-ran also posted a picture of herself in a short cut along with the caption, "Why is the short cut?", saying, "Oh, I'm too hot to upload it" on his SNS.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)