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  • Today, “Cargèse never forgot” by Isabelle Chaumard, published on June 17, 2021 by Éditions Le mot et le rest.

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Cargèse never forgot

 Isabelle Chaumard, published on June 17, 2021 by Éditions Le mot et le rest.

Her favorite quote:

“The problem with truths is that once stated, they turn everything upside down.

It is irremediable.

However, what remains to be upset there is already in ruins.


Why this book?

  • Because this novel mixes with skill and intelligence a plot

    mixing the history of Corsica and Greece.

    Because in 1676, a Greek colony from the south of the Peloponnese settled on the western coast of Corsica, first in Paomia, then in Cargèse, the heart of this story.

    It is based on real facts that the author has woven her plot all around.

    And it is really very well done.

    Moreover, in the last pages, it enlightens the reader by giving details allowing to separate the true from the false.

  • Because Clio, the main character, goes to Cargèse

    and very quickly runs into a wall of silence.

    Why ?

    What do they know about this woman who comes to their house?

    Secrets, unsaid, allusions, disturbing facts, she is lost.

    But she does not give up because she feels that something is hidden from her.

  • Because the writing is engaging, alive,

    it transmits an atmosphere linked to Corsica.

    We read this novel as if we were living there.

    The descriptions are such that we visualize the places, the landscapes.

    In addition, the historical context is captivating and the course between past and present very well thought out.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 A young lawyer, Clio, loses her first lawsuit, her husband and her job.

Her mother has memory problems and tells her about a Corsican notary ... Despite her doubts, Clio goes to Cargèse.

She will quickly discover that his arrival is disturbing.

Why ?

However, it has no connection with this island ...


 Clio is the main character.

Cargèse is almost a character, like Corsica, so important is the setting.

The inhabitants of Cargèse: those who help her, those who hate her.

His mother, who acted in the shadows.

Her husband in the troubled role.


 Cargèse in Corsica.

The time.


The author.

 After twenty years in child welfare, she switched to journalism and writing.

"Cargèse never forgets" is my third novel

This book was read with

 great curiosity because I did not know the history of its Greek colonists settled in Corsica.

This gave me two desires: to know more about this historical fact and to visit Corsica and especially Cargèse!

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