Push this door open and meet the most beautiful Jiayu Pass.

"The Great Wall hangs upside down, with its iron arms hanging in the air." Have you ever seen such a Great Wall?

The snow-capped Nanshan to the south is called Qilian Mountain, and the black and shiny northern mountain to the north is called Heishan. The city between the two mountains is called Jiayuguan. If the head is compared to Jiayuguan, the left arm is the first pier of the Great Wall, and the right The arm is the cantilevered Great Wall.

  In 1539 AD, Zhai Luan, Shangshu of the Ministry of War of the Ming Dynasty, inspected Hexi Defense and saw that Jiayuguan’s defense system was imperfect. So the court was supervised by Li Han on Suzhou Bingbei Road to build the Great Wall on both sides of the north and south. It is today’s bright wall, dark wall, and bright wall. It is the first pier by the Tulai River in Guannan, and the dark wall ends at the cantilevered Great Wall at the Shiguan gorge in Guanbei.

  In order to make it easier for visitors to climb, when it was rebuilt in 1987, a stepped walkway was built on the first pier and the ridge wall.

Along the road, although there are only more than 400 steps, it is enough to make people hesitate. However, as long as you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see the desolation of the desert outside the pass, and there are only a few oases dotted. It shows that there are still lives here in the stubborn struggle against the harsh natural environment.

  From south to north, the first beacon tower at the westernmost end of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty-"the world's first pier", the world's first male pass-Jiayuguan, and "the Great Wall hanging upside down with iron arms hanging in the air"-the overhanging wall together constituted a complete military defense at Jiayuguan The system spans more than 15 kilometers from north to south.

  Reporter Li Yalong Ding Si reports from Jiayuguan, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]