Writer Kim Eun-hee shared her honest thoughts on the sequel to the drama 'Signal'.

Today (29th), writer Kim Eun-hee told a variety of stories through an interview related to the Netflix original 'Kingdom: Ahshinjeon'.

Writer Kim gained worldwide popularity with the Netflix 'Kingdom' series, but received favorable reviews for opening a new history in the genre with the previous work 'Signal'.

Even now, more than 5 years after the drama ended, the voices of viewers longing for season 2 continue. Writer Kim Eun-hee expressed her positive thoughts about the sequel to 'Signal' in this interview.

Writer Kim said, "'Signal' was a drama that gave me a really, very big gift as a writer." He said, "It's not something the writer can make with his own will, but somehow I want to jump on my feet and make a sequel to 'Signal'"

Writer Kim emphasized, "Before I really retire, I have a desire to show a sequel to 'Signal' in some way. I want to run hard and somehow create an environment, and I have a lot of motivation."

Writer Kim also pointed out about Season 3 of 'Kingdom', "It's hard to say because nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but in my opinion alone, 'I wish season 3 would end like this' has been completed." He added, "In Season 3, it would be nice if you could look forward to what kind of role people will play and what synergies they can create when a plague breaks out in an endless wild field or a place like that."

'Kingdom: Asin' is a special episode of the 'Kingdom' series, depicting the story of Saengsacho and Asin, the beginning of a great tragedy that overturned Joseon. After Netflix was released on the 23rd, it ranked first in eight Asian countries including Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, and is gaining worldwide popularity, ranking second in France and ninth in the United States.

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