It is the most desired time of the year but, at the same time, the 'perfect' time to suffer small (or big) setbacks that can ruin even the most idyllic plan. Despite our good intentions, vacations do not always help us

maintain healthy routines

, and

large meals

and increased



coupled with


and less



become an explosive cocktail that threatens our health. .

Dehydration, heart problems, oral problems or skin conditions are some of the most common consequences of this 'relaxation' of good habits. To avoid them and take care of our health without giving up enjoyment, it is essential to maintain

good routines

, also in the summer season, a goal that will be a little easier if we apply these

seven simple habits

at the start of the day:

Start the day active.

Exercise is a source of well-being, but, in summer, playing sports can be a risk when done in the middle of the day or in places with direct sun exposure.

"The first hours of the day, when temperatures are still moderate, are the right time to

activate the body

in summer outdoors and avoid possible heat strokes," says Javier García, bluaU personal trainer at Sanitas.


With a good walk in which we reach those

10,000 steps

that Dr. Hatano proposed as a daily goal to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Protect the skin.

Although the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, direct and prolonged exposure to solar radiation can cause serious damage to the skin. Although the awareness of the population is increasing, acquiring the habit of

applying sunscreen daily to the face

and to those most exposed and sensitive body areas, such as

shoulders or neckline

, will avoid greater evils in the future.

In this sense, Carmen Arsuaga, head of the Dermatology service at the Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital, adds that "for photoprotection to be effective, it is important to properly apply the cream before starting sun exposure and

replace it every two hours

in sufficient quantity

(approximately two mg per square centimeter). There is a wide variety of presentations so that we can choose the one that best suits each person (oily, dry, atopic, allergic skin ...). And you should

always avoid exposure in the central hours of

the day not only because of the increased risk of burns, but also because of dehydration due to high temperatures ".

Meditation against stress.

We live with anxiety continuously, also in summer. Although the holidays provide some relief, those who must work at this time deal with the physical and mental consequences of high temperatures on a daily basis. "Practices such as

yoga, meditation

or short breaks throughout the working day to stretch or breathe deeply, help prevent and relieve muscle aches, relax the body and clear the mind", explains Andrea Trujillo, bluaU psychologist by Sanitas.

Light and nutritious breakfast.

Although copious meals are not advisable at any time of the year, they are even less so in summer, especially if one seeks to avoid lethargy and fatigue. "It is recommended to opt for

light and fresh but nutritious foods such as fruits, whole grains and dairy products

that promote good digestion and guarantee the dose of energy necessary to face the day," says Cristina Morillo, nutritionist at bluaU.

Feeding with an extra iron.

Tiredness caused by heat and lack of sleep can be combated by ensuring the correct intake of iron, a mineral that contributes to the reduction of fatigue and is found in many foods. The


(cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios), the

green leafy vegetables

(watercress, chard, spinach), the


(clams, clams, mussels, scallops) or


(beans, lentils, soybeans, peas ) are good sources of iron. However, "to guarantee their correct absorption it is recommended to combine them in the same meal with

foods rich in vitamin C

, such as citrus fruits, especially orange or strawberries ", says Cristina Morillo.

Hydration from the first hour.

Drinking a

glass of water on an empty stomach

not only helps the body regain hydration after a hot night, but also helps

activate the metabolism

and ensure its proper functioning.

In addition, if it is taken

with a little lemon, it

has cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects, while drinking warm water helps maintain proper intestinal regularity.

Refreshing shower.

A refreshing shower in the morning helps the body activate muscles and circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

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